Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Livingstone acting the swell with our cash

The Standard reports today that the Mayor spent £10K of our money at a charity ball in support of the Variety Club. I really want him to leave my money alone. I have lots of charities I support and I really don’t see how it is right for him to take my money and give it away on my behalf. If he wants to write a book when he is voted out of office in 2008 he can then go to charity balls and take part in auctions and spend his royalties.

One reply on “Livingstone acting the swell with our cash”

[…] I received a nice letter from the Mayor today. I was inspired to write to him on 2nd October to follow up an article in the Evening Standard (see previous posting). I wrote to find out what he was doing swelling it up at the Variety Club do on 12th September. The Mayor mentioned the function in his October report but he failed to mention that he had spent £10K! […]


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