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Northfield SNT Focus Meeting

SNT banner from Met site.jpgLast night we had the 2nd Safer Neighbourhood Team focus meeting. Sgt Elam was there along with a new PCSO, David Williams. Unfortunately he replaces the previous PCSO, bringing the team strength up to one sergeant, one constable and one PCSO, so we are still no nearer to having the team of four we were promised by the Mayor by the end of April (see his press release).

The three Northfield councillors attended, along with four representatives of residents’ associations, David Stokes who leads the council’s envirocrime team for the area, and Fiorella Williams who is one of the council’s park rangers. Also Mark Meluish, the vicar from St Paul’s Church was there.

We are lucky in Northfield that we have the lowest crime rate in the borough. Lowest will never be low enough though!


Four young offenders have been caught with the help of the park rangers. Two of these have been cautioned, one was too young to get a caution even, and all three of these are in the hands of the youth offending team and will be making reparations. One stupid youngster has pleaded not guilty in spite of being caught red handed. The police are preparing an ASBO for this young idiot. One of the youngsters’ rooms had 35 cans of spray paint in it. They have identified 150 tags.

The police are looking at a dispersal order for Boston Manor which will mean that young people cannot congregate after 9pm.

The combination of the police activity and the new graffiti removal contract seem to be working together to relieve this problem.

Motor Vehicle Crime

There has been a focus on education with large sign boards related to satnavs and triangular yellow lamppost signs on areas where people park, especially commuters. Two offenders have also been jailed. Motor vehicle crimes are down from 61 in the second quarter to 35 in the third quarter.


There are problems around North and South Road and the path through the cemetery known as Roberts Alley. This feeds into robbery, burglary and motor vehicle crime.

Dangerous Driving

A number of people mentioned people speeding stupidly. Sgt Elam reckoned that this could be sorted out with Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002. All you need to do is phone him with the number plates. He can then issue a warning notice. The next time they come to police attention the police can confiscate the vehicle they are driving. This should be a significant deterrent to these people.


We had a conversation about resetting priorities in the light of progress with graffiti. The number one priority should be drug dealing, followed by motor vehicle crime followed by more general criminal damage including graffiti.

We asked the police to support the efforts of the council and the envirocrime team to tackle flytippers of all kinds.

The next meeting is provisionally scheduled for 7.30pm at Northfield Community Centre on 5th December.

Call Sgt Elam on 07879 888989 if you have any local crime issues or if you would like to attend the next focus meeting.

3 replies on “Northfield SNT Focus Meeting”

Phil, I thought I saw you in the audience at Livingstone’s question time. Well done for lasting the whole 150 minutes. And thank you for the name check.

You correctly note that Livingstone enjoys this sort of thing. The man really is shameless, even when he is caught out lying. Last year he said that the threat of confiscation of free travelcards would be a ‘virtually instantaneous response to anti social behaviour’ – and of course there was an ad campaign to back him up. A year on, with only 4 cards confiscated, the deterrent has clearly been virtual rather than instantaneous. And he shrugs his shoulders – must mean that everyone is behaving themselves!

The problem is that so little of this stuff gets the publicity it deserves. That’s why I’ve set up my own blog at to highlight the answers we get that nobody ever hears about. There are lots of stories – none of them good.


It’s interesting that you can call the police with the number plates of speeders. I didn’t realise they welcomed that sort of thing – having been on the wrong side of police apathy in the past.


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