Ealing and Northfield

Big improvement in graffiti removal service

Ealing logo.bmpFlipping through the cabinet papers for the next meeting on 19th September I chanced upon a report from Joe Tavernier, Director of Street Environment, on the council’s new graffiti removal service. The new service provider, MPM, managed to clear 76% of the jobs assigned to it in August within 2 working days. This is against a target of 90% to be removed within 2 working days of notification. Although this does not sound like the 24 hour service the council has promised it is an improvement over the previous service which only managed to remove 57% in May. There is still a long way to go though.

One of the biggest impediments is that formally the council needs to get a disclaimer from private poperty owners, essentially saying the council is not liable for any damage caused. The officers are recommending a 4 month trial suspension of these disclaimers. It may mean the council gets chased by the odd private landowner for damages, eg where the council has painted over something it should not have. The upside is that we do not have to wait around for disclaimers and therefore we can get the service improved.

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