Ealing and Northfield

Ride along with ECT graders

I went out with ECT this morning to understand their grading process better. See previous post.

I spent an hour with Jon Sharkey (senior ECT management), Steve Hodges (manages Ealing’s street cleaning) and Robby Kettle (local supervisor). We covered 16 streets.

Street Grade
Bramley Road B
Airedale Road B
Creighton Road A/B
Temple Road A/B
Weymouth Avenue A/B
Hereford Road A/B
York Road A
Julien Road A/B
Niagara Avenue A/B
Blondin Avenue A/B
Belsize Avenue C
Northcroft Avenue C
Ridley Avenue B
Midhurst Road C
Claygate Road A/B
Graham Avenue C

The grading process is pretty uncontroversial and we agreed about what the grades should be. What became clear though is that they grade after cleaning. ECT’s grades are an internal quality control process rather than a process a customer might undertake. This perhaps explains the mismatch between residents’ perception and the grades ECT gives itself. Note though that a 5% failure rate (on Northfield figures November-August) in any manufacturing process would be considered 2/3 orders of magnitude too high.

One issue that came up was cleaning around parked cars. Apparently officers are looking at parking restrictions. This is just mad and residents will hate it. We need to work out how to persuade residents to leave a margin of about a foot when they park on a street cleaning day. This assumes that residents know when their road is due to be cleaned. One of our manifesto pledges was to put signs on all roads indicating when they would be cleaned. One thing is for sure: residents cannot hope to get their roads cleaned properly if they park right up to the kerb on the day their street is cleaned.

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