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Mayor dazzles London with £100 million ad spending

<img id="image226" height=48 alt=homeonblue.gif src="; hspace=8 align="left" This morning the ConservativeHome website ran this story from me highlighting how the London Mayor is spending £100 million on self-promotion.

The same story was picked up by the Standard this afternoon, see below. TfL really can’t help themselves, apparently they are about to spend another £435K on an advert presented by Tube managing director Tim O’Toole. Sounds like masturbation to me. Expensive masturbation too, especially as I bet this figure is just the production cost of the ad. The telly slots will probably cost £1 million. TfL spends £1.5 million per annum to have three full pages 10 times a year in the Londoner. Couldn’t they have used these rather than turning their boss into a media star?

Apparently Richard Barnes mentioned the £78 million figure when he was interviewed on ITV’s London Tonight on Wednesday.

Tfl ad spending in Evening Standard.jpg

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