Ex-Mayor Livingstone

London Mayor process delayed

The Conservatives delayed their London mayor selection process yesterday and put up an announcement on their website. I failed to find it the first couple of times I looked because it was listed way down the page under “Other news”. The Evening Standard and others are reporting that the delay will be six months but the announcement does not include a figure.

I am disappointed by the delay and the way it was announced at the last minute. Apparently journalists heard about it before the candidates. The annoucement on the website seems to be incomplete as it does not mention the length of the delay and is not featured very prominently. Good communications is as much about handling bad news as it is about getting out good news and pursuing your own agenda. CCHQ needs to make sure that ordinary London Tories are as much “in the loop” as the press. The website is a tool that the allows the party to create a level information playing field. It is ordinary Tories that will elect a candidate not the village people at CCHQ and in the lobby.

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