Ealing and Northfield

Clean and Green has a way to go

At Tuesday’s council meeting I got to ask the first oral question. I asked the council leader, Jason Stacey, to report on his review of the Clean and Green contract. This is our contract with ECT to provide street cleaning, rubbish collection, fly tip removal and recycling services for Ealing. It is a £10 million contract so it is no small thing.

Stacey reported that the contract itself is pretty much up to snuff. The problem is in the area of performance management. The previous administration left little evidence that there was any proper performance management regime in place. Their relationship with ECT may not have been appropriately dispassionate; remember the Chief Executive of ECT, Stephen Sears, was a Labour councillor until May.

In Northfield the standard of street cleaning has not been consistent enough. All streets are meant to be cleaned weekly but the build up of dirt in the gullies is such that you could grow potatoes in many of them. Your councillors are driving the council to deliver improvements in this area and we are committed to making a monthly tour with our Envirocrime Enforcement Officer to ensure this. We don’t get many complaints about the current recycling system and we are committed to increasing what is recycled so I think this is probably an area that is improving adequately.

Since I moved into my current home I have come to expect that foxes would tear up bin bags overnight and I would have to clear up strewn rubbish from the street after the rubbish collection. On the morning of the council meeting my wife told me that the neighbours’ rubbish was all over the path. I was expecting to have to pull my rubber gloves on and go out to tackle the mess which was pretty spectacular. In the end the rubbish collection swept it all away. Fab!

As a part of the Clean and Green contract the rubbish collection trucks carry shovels and brushes to clear up after split bags. You should not expect to see anything left over after the rubbish collection anymore. As long as everyone follows the rules and only puts out their rubbish before 7pm on the day of collection we should be able to keep our neighbourhoods clean. We pay for this service so get on the phone to 020 8825 6000 if it is not delivered.

On Monday 5th June a new graffiti cleaning contract started. Out with Sgt Elam last Saturday I saw three pieces of street furniture that had been repainted under this contract. It seems like this is starting to work too. With the Police having collared two graffiti vandals in the last couple of months that problem is being tackled at both ends.

Our next initiative will be signs on all streets so that everyone knows which is their collection day. We will clean up Northfield and Ealing.

4 replies on “Clean and Green has a way to go”

I might suggest that appropriately dispassionate is perfectly clear English and not a phrase that will cause Sears to go out and lawyer up.

Under Labour we had a very strange council where the chief executive of the biggest contractor was a councillor. Even if he had never done anything wrong, which I am perfectly prepared to accept, putting yourself in that position is just not clever.

How can a cabinet member claim to be objective when one of his senior colleagues is running the company he is about to spend £10 million with?


You say \”did he not resign from the cabinet prior to the tendering process and then stand down as a councillor?\”

The facts are:

The procurement process started January 2003.
At that time ECT already had a £1m pa contract with the council.
Sears remained a Cabinet member throughout the procurement process and only resigned from the Cabinet 2 weeks after tenders were submitted on 31st October 2004.
Sears remained a councillor from the start of the contract on 1st March 2005 until 4th May 2006.

Sears should have resigned from the Cabinet at the moment it became apparent that ECT was to participate in the process.

He should have resigned from the council as soon as they won the contract.


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