Ealing and Northfield

Council acts on graffiti and fly-tipping promise

Another of the Conservatives’ manifesto promises moved a step forward at last night’s cabinet meeting. Approval was given for an improvement in graffiti and fly-tipping removal services to be upgraded from September.

The measures mean graffiti and flytipping on council buildings, parks, benches, signs, car parks, leisure centres or estates managed by Ealing Homes will be removed the next working day by the council.

To meet this target the council is spending around £400,000 over the next year to get the service up and running. The extra cash will pay for three new graffiti squads, one new flytipping crew and additional resources to fast-track reports.

Cllr Will Brooks, cabinet member for transport and environment said: “For far too long flytippers and graffiti taggers have blighted our borough, making it look uncared for and shabby. We are determined to reclaim Ealing’s reputation as the Queen of the Suburbs and making it a borough that we can all be proud of. The new service should improve the look of our neighbourhoods. However, it is essential residents tell us who is responsible for making it a mess so we can prosecute them.”

See council press release.

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