Ealing and Northfield Health, housing and adult social services

Ealing Health Profile published

Yesterday saw the publication by the NHS of a health profile for Ealing.

A number of health issues emerge:

  • significantly worse heart disease and stroke
  • significantly worse diabetes
  • significantly worse children’s tooth decay.

I understand that the first two of these are driven in large part by our Asian population (around 25%) who are particularly susceptible to these conditions. See references on heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Much of this early death is preventable and needs to be a priority.

We clearly need more dentists!

Dentists who can reduce problems such as tooth decay, tooth erosion and a lot more. Such instances call for dental implants. So click this link to gain more insights on the same. On the other hand Ealing seems to be good for teenage pregnancy, binge drinking, healthy eating, obese adults, cancer, mental health treatment and drug misuse treatment.

Life expectancy in Ealing seems to be bang on the national average. The overall figure hides a lot of differences between wards. Northolt Mandeville, North Greenford, Perivale, Hanger Hill, Southfield and Northfield have significantly higher life expectancy than the English average. Southall Broadway, Norwood Green, Lady Margaret, Dormers Wells, Elthorne and South Acton have significantly lower life expectancy. The liberal consensus is that deprivation (you are poor) leads to health inequalities. Yes, but in Northolt West End we have a most deprived ward that turns out to have marginally higher than average life expectancy.

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