Ealing and Northfield Ex-Mayor Livingstone Tram

TfL blows £23 million on the Tram

Councillor Will Brooks, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, has been chasing Transport for London to tell him what the West London Tram has cost so far using the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Their project “director”, Christopher Dean, wrote yesterday to say that: “Since the inception of the West London Tram project in 2002, Transport for London has spent approximately £23m on the development of the scheme.”

He blathers on: “This development cost is small relative to overall investment in infrastructure that the tram would bring to West London and is entirely in line with other major infrastructure developments.”

No you silly man this is a lot of money to spend on a scheme that we do not want in West London and is now just a totem that allows Mayor Livingstone to talk about how he is “investing” in West London. The reality is that the Tram simply destroys one public transport system (the bus) and replaces it with an unproven one while West London spends four years in chaos not to mention a couple of years of planning blight thrown in.

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