Communications disease Ex-Mayor Livingstone

The Londoner keeps up its expensive misinformation

The London Mayor’s £3 million “free” newspaper dropped on my mat this week.

The front page story was free bus travel for London’s under-18s. Typically the article did not tell us how much this initiative is costing. We might like the benefits, but we should be told the cost at the same time though. A real newspaper would cover both sides of the story.

Although the Mayor admits to this piece instant recycling costing £3 million a year, he is not telling the whole truth. He makes the various parts of his empire pay for advertising so really he steals from their budgets and spends it on puffing himself up. The Londoner usually has 20 pages. This month fully 4 pages of ads are paid for by other parts of the GLA. There is less than half a page of real adverts. Your tube and bus fares are more expensive because of The Londoner and there are less police and firemen protecting us because of The Londoner.

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