Ealing and Northfield

Stunning night

Although it was a great night nationally for the Conservatives, it was a stunning night for Ealing Conservatives. We won an overall majority on the council, taking 37 out of 69 seats, an additional 20 seats. One of those who lost seats was the Labour leader Leonora Thomson.

In Northfield our hard work was transformed into a winning margin of 890 each on average. The count was a new experience for me. It was very friendly and civil. It is a shame that more people who are cynical about politics cannot see how local politicians behave close up when they are tired after a long day and the stress of the build up. All candidates seemed very fair-minded and respectful of the verdict of voters. In particular our Labour opponents handled themselves with great dignity in spite of being rejected by the voters.

I left after the Northfield declaration as my wife needed to get to bed in order to be fit for work today so I missed the excitement of the rest of the evening. It is not quite the same hearing about it through the media.

The Conservative group of councillors will be meeting tonight to start to implement our programme for Ealing.

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