Ealing and Northfield Policing

Women unprotected in Greenford

On May 16th 2005 Jeshma Riathatha from Greenford was murdered by convicted Latvian rapist Viktors Dembovskis. He was sentenced to a whole life term on March 29th this year. We can only hope that life means life in this terrible case.

Today the Ealing & Acton Gazette features on its front page Tracy Hines who was one of 20 known victims of Saturninin Barwinski, an unemployed Polish addict after the drug rehab course. Attacked and robbed in Greenford last September she is disgusted that his sentence received on 21st April was only three years.

On 29 October 2005 Barwinski committed his final crime. He pulled up alongside an 81-year-old woman in his car and after asking for directions grabbed her holdall and drove away causing her to be dragged along the road a short distance. This happened in Greenford yet again.

Thanks to the Conservative led Public Accounts Committee and Tory back bencher Richard Bacon (see Times today) the incompetence of the Home Office in failing to deport foreign criminals at the end of their sentences has been bought to light. We have to hope that if Dembovskis is ever let out he is deported to Latvia and that once Barwinski has completed his totally inadequate sentence he too is deported to Poland. We have to hope too that the good people of Latvia and Poland have more vigilant interior ministries than we have here in Britain who will protect them adequately from these evil men.

The Home Office presides over a police force that can only nick a violent drug user after 20 goes. The Home Office presides over the Immigration & Nationality Directorate that lets people like Dembovkis and Barwinski in. The Home Office presides over a Prison Service that fails to talk to the IND so that 1,023 people like Dembovkis and Barwinski are roaming free right now.

As a candidate in the local elections next week I should be concentrating on local issues. The Home Office is a local issue in Greenford and Ealing. Nationally and locally government is not performing its first and most important duty, namely to deliver public safety.

We have had a Labour council since 1994, we have had a Labour government since 1997, we have had a Labour London Mayor since 2000. We know who to blame.

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