Tram tangle

The Ealing Conservative Group published a couple of press releases on the Tram this Monday. Firstly, they pointed out that the large gap between tram stops (double the current gap for bus stops) will be a major drawback for the elderly and disabled. What is more, once people get on the proposed trams they will have fewer seats than the buses that replace them. Secondly, the local Conservatives pointed to the specific local reasons why the proposed West London Tram will not work. Essentially the Uxbridge Road is not suitable and the whole thing will never payback sufficiently to justify the expense.

Part of the reason for this pair of press releases was an article in Sunday Times about the Conservatives supporting trams. Of course we support trams where they make sense. The Tories made more investment in light rail than the current government. We are sensible people though and the proposed West London Tram will not work, so we oppose it. If there really is £650 million to throw around it should go into the pot for Crossrail which will deliver real benefits for the people of Ealing by connecting us to the City which is the most important source of wealth and jobs in Europe. Doh!

For my part, as a resident in Ealing and someone who runs a business in Hammersmith, I am dreading the Tram and the four years of misery and disruption that it will cause and will work hard to kill it off.

3 replies on “Tram tangle”

Thanks for the leaflet. It’s persusive, but we’ll have to agree to disagree. I was very impressed with the trams in Amsterdam. The lack of decent tube links in Acton are a serious problem for locals without cars.


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