Ealing and Northfield

Kingsdown Residents’ Association meeting Thursday

You might be interested in attending KRA’s public election meeting on Thursday at 8am at St John’s Church Hall. Most of the Walpole candidates should be there. Follow link for poster.

One reply on “Kingsdown Residents’ Association meeting Thursday”

My daughter was attacked in Mattock lane just before Christmas . She was on her way home (near questors theatre) when she was grabbed from behind. she managed to get away but was left bruised and shaken. the police were informed. My concern is for better lighting and possibly cctv cameras to be installed in Mattock lane. I have since heard of several other attacks in that area. My husband had his car window smashed there last year too! If you could petition the council and maybe get signitures from users of Questors Theatre and Mattock lane health centre and St Johns Church


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