Ealing and Northfield

Paying twice

A conversation last night whilst out canvassing last night collided with an article in the Evening Standard today to create one of those moments of clarity that we are all hapless serfs kept in menial servitude by our government.

Last night I talked to a nice lady who was worried about schooling her young children. Her next door neighbour’s child had failed to get into the excellent primary school where I am a governor last September in spite of living around the corner. Now she and her husband were thinking of moving to find better schools although he had grown up in Ealing.

In today’s Evening Standard they reported on a Woolwich survey into the cost of moving. On average it costs £13,000 in London. By far the biggest part of this cost is stamp duty which Gordon Brown has ramped up excruciatingly to clobber the middle classes since Labour has been in power.

So our nice lady in Northfield not only has to persuade her husband to move out of his “manor” to be sure of good schools but they have to pay through the nose for the privilege.

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