Ealing and Northfield

Northfield going blue

The three Conservative candidates had a busy weekend canvassing in Northfield. The response on the doorstep has been very positive with very few people able to endorse the record of the current Labour council. Many people who would not consider themselves to be natural Conservatives have promised us their votes this weekend. People really don’t want the Tram and the deplorable state of the local environment and the high rate of council tax are big beefs.

A common misconception on the doorstep is that it is a safe Labour ward. The Parliamentary constituency is a safe Labour seat. Overall control of the council is a huge mountain to climb with Labour currently having 48 out of 69 seats. Northfield ward though is easily winnable by the Conservatives. Go look at the results of the last local election on the council’s website.

Labour had 39% of the vote whilst the Conservatives were on 34%. The Labour councillors who won last time only had around 1,200 votes each as opposed to the Conservative candidates who got around 1,100 votes. The Greens and LibDems were nowhere, getting around 600 votes each.

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