Ealing and Northfield

Badly maintained Northfield

I was delivering leaflets this lunchtime to six roads adjacent to Northfield tube station (Blondin, Niagra, Bramley, Wellington, Julien and York). These are nice roads to live in. Near the tube, near parks, near shops. The council really lets them down though. They all have the same early 20th century street lamps. They all have the same broken pavements and unmaintained roads. There is lots of grafitti and dumped rubbish. The two nearby green spaces, Blondin and Bramley, have tarmac paths rather than flagged paths and the railings are either unpainted or are ugly chain link fencing.

The only bits of public infrastructure that are new are the controlled parking zone signs (these make the council money) and the expensive signs at the entrance to the green spaces identifying them as being run by Ealing council (the council advertising itself).

If the Conservatives are elected they will put £1.8 million straight into the environment immediately by reducing wasteful, unnecessary programmes such as Around Ealing. We will then add another £1.5 million a year to the environment budget. This will mean a £7.8 million uplift in spending on the environment over the next four year council term office. We would expect these roads to look a lot smarter under the Conservatives.

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