Ealing and Northfield

Labour clearout

It appears that Labour’s Ealing councillors are so bad they have had to retire over a third of them. Analysing the candidates list for Ealing this morning it looks as if fully 18 out of 48 Labour councillors will not be standing again. The equivalent numbers for the LibDems are 1 out of 4 and for the Conservatives 2 out of 17. Being a councillor is a heavy responsibility and people cannot keep doing the job forever but clearly Labour feel the need to have a big spring clean.

All three major parties have fielded full slates in all Ealing’s 23 wards.

It appears that the Green Party has gone for an “odd Green” strategy (see previous posting).

Respect have fielded three candidates, all in Southall Green where we can expect them to concentrate.

There is only one UKIP candidate in all Ealing, in Southfield.

There are very few other candidates. In Acton Central there is an Independent and a Christian Peoples’ Alliance. Two more Independents, one each in Greenford Green and North Greenford. Another Christian Peoples’ Alliance in Perivale.

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