Ealing and Northfield Tram

Vote No Tram

In preparing our election address I pulled out the public consultation results that Transport for London published in March 2005. Luckily I had kept the original paper copy because TfL does not make it easy to find an electronic copy on their website. The facts in this document were spun outrageously. TfL’s press release at the time is still on the TfL website but this only talked about their twisted little market research exercise. The links to the consultation results do not work (because then you might find out the truth). The facts were that 16,895 West London residents took the trouble to respond in writing to the consultation exercise. Over half of those who took part who gave an address lived in Ealing. 59% clearly opposed the scheme. Ealing clearly said no and our council and the Mayor refuse to listen.

For all of the parties’ positions on the Tram see the Save Ealing’s Streets site. They also have jaunty Vote No Tram posters you can download, print off and stick in your window. I have put a colour one in the window this afternoon.

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