Ealing and Northfield

Ealing top for council tax

In the Telegraph today Philip Johnston says that average council taxes have almost doubled in England since Labour took office in 1997. Unfortunately Ealing is much worse than the average. In 1997/8 the Ealing Band D council tax was £585. Next financial year it will be £1,309. That is a 124% rise. By comparison pensions have only risen by 35% is the same period. In Ealing next year it will take 30% of a single person’s basic state pension to pay a Band D council tax.

In 1997/8 only six London councils out of 33 had lower council taxes than Ealing. Next year only 10 councils will be more expensive. Only one council has raised its council tax by more than Ealing and that is Kingston: theirs has gone up by 128%.

The figures that Johnston uses come from the ODPM statistical release of yesterday.

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