Communications disease

Home Office spends £400K on lads mags

Home Office Consent Ad.jpgSorry to be monomaniac but here is another communications disease posting. Last night the Radio 4 PM programme covered this story and, unusually for them, highlighted the waste and ineffectiveness of this kind of campaign. This time the Home Office has been spending £400,000 getting a bunch of pony-tailed, sniggering boys at advertising agency Young and Rubican to do some creative work for another bunch of sniggering boys that edit lads mags. You will also be seeing these ads in pub toilets to complete the lavatory humour metaphor. Apparently this is all designed to make young men think twice about rape. More like feeding the fire if you ask me.

In PM’s piece Ruth Dudley-Edwards, writer and commentator, came out with a very un-BBC quote: “… the whole thing is preposterous and an extraordinary waste of yours and my money …”

Fionna Mactaggart, Under-Secretary of State was wheeled out in defence but simply uttered platitudes about rape rather then defend the indefensible. By the way Fiona in this country we call pub toilets toilets not restrooms (see press release with prissy Americanism).

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