Ealing and Northfield Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Glenda sticks the boot in

This morning on the Today programme Glenda Jackson dubbed the Jowellgate affair as “somewhat farcial”. The Today programme’s interviews with Jackson and then Margaret Beckett, supporting Jowell, are covered here. Although Jackson is running scared that Jowell is not going to be able to do a good job of running the Labour local election campaign across London I am not so sure.

She seems to be doing a great job of marshalling all of the organs of the State to press Labour’s case. Ealing’s expensive Around Ealing magazine arrived today with a 2-page spread on Safer Neighbourhoods. The Londoner did a front page in its most recent edition. The Met are spending hundreds of thousands on advertising Safer Neighbourhoods, although they will not say how much. In Ravenscourt Park last week I saw a Labour party election leaflet leading on Safer Neighbourhoods. It looks to me that Jowell is doing a fab job of co-ordinating the party locally to work with the Met, Labour councils and the Mayor to run a brutally effective campaign.

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