Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor’s press release will not admit rise

The Mayor produced a press release today confirming the rise in the precept for next year. In over 500 words his press people cannot actually bear to admit that the rise will be 13.3% at a time when inflation is only 2%. They try to make it sound like a small rise by talking in terms of 65p per week. All these 65ps add up though. The Mayor’s total spending next year will be £3 billion.

One reply on “Mayor’s press release will not admit rise”

[…] In typically mendacious style the Mayor talks about his increase being 29p per week rather than an inflation busting 5.2%, a figure that does not appear anywhere in his two press releases. The Mayor wants you to work this out for yourself. Then again he never spelt out his 13.3% precept rise last year (see previous story) or the 33% rise for cash fares on public transport in January (see previous story). […]


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