Ealing and Northfield Policing

Ealing Police show their usual flair for customer service

I naively thought that I might hand deliver a letter to Borough Commander, Collette Paul, this afternoon. I am keen to chase her up and find out what is happening to these Safer Neighbourhood teams that are being widely advertised but don’t seem to be here yet. There was another full page in last week’s Gazette.

How silly of me! There is no letterbox at the Police station. No opportunity to communicate with the Police there. Clearly they think that broadcasting ads is all they need to do to keep us sweet. I thought about waiting to hand the letter in to the desk officer. There was already a queue of six in front of me at 13:45pm today. I did not fancy waiting for an hour or so in the very unpleasant waiting area before being allowed behind the security doors. I went off to the Post Office and put a stamp on the envelope – much quicker. Clearly Commander Paul would rather keep her parking place in front of the station rather then using the space for a reception suite that allows more than one desk officer at a time to deal with the public.

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