Ealing and Northfield

Dirty Ealing

This morning the Gazette covered the full council meeting on Tuesday and its discussion of how dirty Ealing is. Most of the discussion was driven by Audit Commission figures and in particular Best Value Performance Indicators (or BVPIs in the jargon – central government targets to you and me).

In 2003/4 Ealing was the dirtiest borough in London. In spite of being the 9th highest spender at £27.41 per head it had the worst BVPI 199 (Relevant land with significant/heavy littering) score. This figure is easy to pull out from the performance indicators link on the Audit Commission’s home page.

More recent data for 2004/5 is harder to find, see spreadsheet published on 16th January. This shows that Ealing was 4/5th equal worst on BVPI 199 last year. You might call this improvement but you would not call it Queen of the Suburbs.

See also Ealing Times story.

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