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Ministry of the obvious blows £334 million on PR

The Sunday Times today uses figures from the Central Office of Information annual report to have a go at Government spending on nannying, statement of the bleeding obvious advertising by Government. This spending has tripled since Labour came to power. £334 million in 2004-5 up from £111 million in 1997-8.

Going back to the annual report, the expensive pictures of plain, middle-aged people on pages 4 and 5 are typical of the breed and of no value whatsoever to taxpayers. Looking back on previous reports it is noteworthy that they have gone from plain to jazzy with lots of specially commissioned photos. This is brutally expensive and a total waste of money because they are not trying to sell themselves. We have no choice about using the services of these self-aggrandising twits.

These are the same figures used by the Telegraph back in October but they only included advertising not other activities. The message is the same though: spending up by a factor of three since Labour came to power.

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