Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Pay C-charge by the mile

The Standard today headlines that the congestion charge could move to pay as you go. This is great in theory but read on. They reckon to be able to collect £3 billion in charges. This would be OK too if some other tax was reduced by £3 billion (for Londoners only).

The real kicker is the quote from Michele Dix, director of congestion charging at TfL: “It would generate £3 billion gross and net revenue of between £1 billion and £2 billion.” This silly woman is no doubt one of the 74 TfL managers earning over £100,000 (see Evening Standard on 10th October last year). Can’t she refine her cost estimates more accurately than to the nearest £1 billion? Why does she think it acceptable to tax people to this extent and then lose anywhere from a third to two thirds of the money in collection costs.

Green taxes are great but not if the cash all gets wasted and other taxes are not reduced.

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