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Ealing PCT get the communications disease

Last week I received a copy of Your NHS, a publication of the Ealing Primary Care Trust. It is great that our PCT has been awarded 2 stars but I am probably keener that we get good services than the PCT spends money telling us how good it is.

On the front page of Your NHS it stated that the PCT had met the 48 hours target for access to a GP. I find this quite hard to stomach as I made an appointment to see my doctor on 6th October for 20th October. 2 weeks not 2 days. Apparently I could have called at 8.30am the following morning and talked to the triage doctor if I thought my case was urgent. Presumably this is their “get out of jail free card”.

There is a huge gap between the expensive puff hitting our doormats and the real experience on the ground.

It seems that the Londoner has led the way in showing how the State in its various forms can spend lots of our money to praise itself while avoiding the local press who will add commentary about real performance and value for money.

Letter in Gazette 21-10-2005.jpg[See letter published in Ealing & Acton Gazette 21st October.]

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