Onkar Sahota is feeling a bit put upon – as well he might

Clearly London Assembly Member Onkar Sahota is feeling a bit put upon having just issued this somewhat rambling and ill-judged statement:

Statement published in Ealing Labour:

Thank you to all those who have sent messages of support and solidarity. I bought this land at a public auction when I had no elected office for the expansion of my local GP practice. The reason we failed to build is due to the banking crisis and the mid-selling of complex financial products to the bank causing the practice to near bankruptcy. The matter was subject of expensive High Court proceedings until the FSA forced the banks to accept their fault. This case ended about 18 months go and it was about 15 months ago the Council approached me and have been dragging their feet about how much to offer. The last and current offer is 30% below market value. I ask the question, ” do you want to sell your house at 30% below market value ? ” If you do please let me know. The council has now agreed to meet my advisers after them asking for months how they valued the site. The council and Governing Body appear to have been working on school expansion plans since last May with which they are content and it is only now that the parents have seen the plans and some are upset. Given the election season, people think it is OK to pile on pressure on me and I recognise it as such. I will decide on the future of the land, as it is an assett of my practice , once my negotiations with the council have come to a final conclusion . I am giving priority to the council as I want to help the school but they no longer want it, I will consider all my options. For the record, I did not buy the site under the table from the council or funded it through any illegal means. I have always served the local community and worked for the NHS. Labour Party is a party of aspiration and opportunity. Labour Party members should be proud of the fact that the son of an aircraft cleaner became a doctor and had the social conscience to work only for the NHS or that a son of a bus conductor can become Mayor of London.

Putting to one side the grammar, spelling and admission of an ill-judged purchase of complex financial products two points stick out for me.

Firstly, he is still trying to make out that he is not the sole owner and sole decision maker in any decision to do with 42 Lower Boston Road contrary to evidence at Land Registry and Companies House. His description of the site as “an assett [sic] of my practice” is, once again, designed to deceive.

Secondly, and most importantly, Sahota is trying to get an extra 30% out of the council (£300-400K I would guess) in recognition of his “service to the local community” or something. The land is in use class D1, see below.

D1 use class

It’s market value is reduced due to its designation. Sahota has been out to the market before and not found another buyer who will give him his idea of what market value is and take their chances on getting a change of use. The market value he seeks depends on his councillor mates on the planning committee nodding that change of use through – once the St Mark’s School site has been butchered because Sahota would not sell the D1 land he bought at a D1 price.

He is arguing he needs to buy residential or commercial property to expand his business. Maybe he does but he owns D1 and there is no need for the council to give him the difference. His sense of entitlement beggars belief.

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How big is Onkar Sahota’s business?

Politician cum friendly neighbourhood GP Onkar Sahota has a large-scale doctoring business although he is somewhat opaque about it as we shall see.

FHP Group Website

This screenshot from his Family Health Practices Group website summarises three surgeries under one banner of which one has closed down recently.

The Family Health Practices Group and other similar names don’t have any legal meaning, they are merely trading names of a business called Healthcare 360 which is entirely owned by Onkar Sahota as the Companies House annual return confirms. The Care Quality Commission shares the same view as me of Sahota’s business structure.

Last year, for the first time, the NHS published a spreadsheet listing the NHS Payments to GPs in England in 2013-14.

If you search through this spreadsheet you will find the following entries:

  • Y01221 Somerset Family Health, 76 Somerset Road £416,275.68
  • E85051 Greenford Avenue Fhp, 322 Greenford Avenue £567,481.64
  • E85731 Hanwell Health Centre, 20 Church Road £384,250.70

Adding these three together you get a grand total of £1.368 million.

Since these numbers were published Sahota has folded the Hanwell business into the Greenford one.

These numbers don’t include any private work his business might do and they might be reduced by the Hanwell change. Anyway £1.4 million is a reasonable figure for the size of Sahota’s business.

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Today I visited Onkar Sahota’s squalid HMO in Southall

The Labour Assembly Member for Ealing & Hillingdon, Onkar Sahota, is a large scale property investor. I have so far found 11 properties that he has an interest in. Four private homes, two doctors’ surgeries, the land he has left derelict at 42 Lower Boston Road for ten years and four flats organised as a registered HMO (LN/000014753) in the centre of Southall. Strangely although the site is formally registered as an HMO with the council it is not registered in Sahota’s name but that of a relative. Land Registry confirms though that Sahota and his wife own the site.

Sahota HMO front elevation

I visited the Southall site today and took these photos. I have tried not to identify the site too precisely as there will be people living there potentially. I hope not.

SAhota HMO front door

The front door looks very neglected.

Sahota HMO worn front hall

Peering through the glass of the front door the worn carpet and handrail paint a bleak picture.


The rubbish strewn rear is similarly sad looking.

Could Onkar Sahota be one of the landlords that Sadiq Khan intends to “name and shame”?

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The latest episode in the Sahota screws St Mark’s Primary School saga

The latest episode in the Sahota screws St Mark’s Primary School saga unfolded at a public meeting last night in Hanwell. About 50 or so parents of St Marks Primary School arrived at the Hobbayne Centre to hear from Onkar Sahota’s property consultant. Apparently Sahota himself was happy to pass up the opportunity to engage with 50 of his constituents east of the River Brent so he didn’t make it.

Buy 42 for St Mark's

Sahota has previously lied in email correspondence about his personal ownership of the 42 Lower Boston Road site that adjoins the school. He is the sole owner and he is the sole owner of the company that operates his two doctors’ surgeries. There is no-one else involved in this decision on his side.

Somewhat indiscreetly Sahota’s property consultant managed to confirm that Sahota had originally accepted a deal back in 2013 to sell the land but had then reneged on it. Since then the council has offered more money but the consultant is advising him to hold out for more and he is holding on to the land.

Quite simply Sahota is holding the council to ransom regarding this piece of land which he negotiated with the old Labour administration to buy days before they were swept away in 2006.

Shockingly all three of the Labour councillors for the Elthorne ward where the school is situated failed to show up in spite of overtures from the parents action group.

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Don’t forget Labour’s gruesome record with the GLA precept

I know 2.4% is a record but I do have a big fight on next yearFor those of you who have forgotten quite how expensive it was living under Ken Livingstone’s first, two term GLA administration I thought it was worth pulling out some old charts from eight years ago.

Back then I did a quick review of my bills for the last ten years to see how fast the Labour Mayor’s charge had risen in that time.

In 2008/9 it was 196% higher than it was the last year there were separate charges for the Police and Fire Brigade before the GLA came into being. In other words it took only 9 short years to triple the precept. Anyone paying a bill in 2003 will not have forgotten the 29% rise in the precept that year.


The figures in red in the table above are those for the year of a mayoral election. The 2000/1 figure was not the Mayor’s fault to be fair. This was proposed by civil servants. Clearly the Mayor was inspired by their boldness and managed to double the precept in four years in the early noughties. But in order to bolster his chances of being elected for a second time he proposed the lowest rise in five years in 2004/5. He even went a notch lower the next year to help protect London Labour MPs in the 2005 general election. But the next year the Mayor reverted to early noughties form and hit us with a 13.3% rise. Livingstone’s last rise of 2.4% was not enough to save himself from the righteous wrath of Londoners after 8 years of take and take.


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Sahota says I am smearing him but has no defence

London Assembly Member Onkar Sahota has refuted the piece I did on my blog last week. Speaking to ealingtoday.co.uk Sahota says:

Sahota speaks the truth

In his short statement he complains that I am smearing him but then totally fails to defend himself from the charge I made. Sahota did lie about owning this land, in writing and has been caught red handed.

In May it will be the tenth anniversary of Sahota buying the St Mark’s land. Hilariously he tries to blame the Tories for the fact that the only thing that happened in the 4 Labour years when he first bought this land was that Sahota demolished the existing buildings. Either Sahota is incompetent or he is landbanking, hoping that if he waits long enough he will get change of use and be able to make a lot more money than if the council buys the land back and puts it to public use.

Message from the Director

Sahota styles himself as a “local GP”. He is funny. Sahota is the sole owner of a large GP business with a £1.4 million turnover. He likes to refer to himself at work as “the Director”. This phrase is at least accurate as he is the 100% owner of the business. Sahota owns a £5 million property portfolio comprising at least 11 properties that I have identified so far. This “local GP” has put three children through elite private schools. Nice work if you can get it. Are all of our “local GPs” so wealthy?

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Unbelievable: Sahota lying to St Mark’s parents in emails

Buy 42 for St Mark's

Parents at St Mark’s primary school in Hanwell are campaigning to stop their school being knocked about by a badly thought out expansion scheme and instead build on adjacent land at 42 Lower Boston Road.

I have seen emails between London Assembly Member Onkar Sahota and a parent at St Mark’s Primary School in Hanwell regarding his ownership of adjacent land at 42 Lower Boston Road. The site is already part of the school plot and purchase of the land would make it much easier to expand the school. Instead the council is proposing to knock the original, locally-listed building about and rob the children of play space.

Sahota owns the land which was certainly known to all the Ealing councillors and senior officers back in November 2013 when the council was originally trying to buy the land from Sahota, see my blog dating back to then.

Unbelievably, in recent correspondence Sahota has been misleading about his ownership of the land. I say misleading but to tell such a direct untruth is to lie. According to Land Registry Sahota owns the land personally.

Land Registry 42 Lower Boston Road

Instead of just admitting as much to St Mark’s parents Sahota has said:

Thank you for your email and for the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings.

I write as a local GP and can confirm that the site you refer to was indeed purchased by the Family Health Practices Group (FHPG) a number of years ago. The plan was for the site to build a new community medical centre, and plans were submitted and approved by the Council for this purpose. Unfortunately, primarily as a result of the financial crisis which hit in 2008, funding for the project was delayed and ultimately fell through, however the ambition to develop a new medical centre remains.

Family Health Practices Group does appreciate that the ability to deliver a new medical centre is no longer as assured given the current financial climate. For that reason we are also currently in conversation with the Council about alternative uses for the site including for school expansion.

On a day to day basis I and my colleagues at the Family Health Practices Group have little to do with the management of this site and have professional advisors to do this on our behalf. I would however reiterate that in principle the Family Health Practices Group is not opposed to the idea of disposing of this site so it can be used to provide additional educational space. Either way, our intention is and always has been that this site is used for the provision of a community resource, whether that is educational or medical.

I hope that you will understand that it is important for me to keep my two roles, as a London Assembly Member, and as a GP at Family Health Practices Group, separate. If you have any more questions about this matter please write to me at the Family Health Practices Group, 322 Greenford Avenue, Hanwell, London, W7 3AH.

In these five paragraphs Sahota tells two direct lies and is probably telling a third.

  • Lie 1: The site was not purchased by FHPG. It was purchased by Sahota himself on 12th May 2006 for £730K according to Land Registry. FHPG is not a legal entity so therefore could not own a property. The operating company that Sahota operates his doctors’ surgeries from is called Healthcare 360 Limited. FHPG is merely a brand or trading name of Healthcare 360 Limited.
  • Lie 2: When Sahota uses the first person plural and says: “I and my colleagues at the Family Health Practices Group” he is trying to elide the fact that he is the sole decision maker. Healthcare 360 Limited is 100% owned by Onkar Sahota. The site is owned by him.
  • Lie 3: According to these estate agents particulars Sahota tried to market the site for “alternative uses” at the end of May 2014. So unless this was just an artifact from an attempt at marketing the site that never went public Sahota’s talk of “provision of a community resource” is similarly misleading.

Why is Sahota at pains to obfuscate the commercial arrangements under which he does business? Sahota is sole owner and sole decision maker with regard to this site. No-one else needs to be involved in this decision. Indeed no-one else can be. If this site does not end up in community use there is only one person to blame. Sahota says he wants “to clear up any misunderstandings”. You can’t clear up a “misunderstanding” by lying.

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Is Sadiq Khan really so improvident as to have no savings whatsoever?

On Wednesday Labour’s London Mayor hopeful, Sadiq Khan, published what he calls his “Personal Tax Return”. Rather than the actual tax returns it was a ten year spreadsheet produced by his “personal chartered accountant”. See below, click to enlarge.

Khan's numbers

In his rush to differentiate himself from Zach Goldsmith Khan asserts that for ten years straight he has had no income from “Savings Income, Property, Trusts, etc”. Is Khan really saying that in ten years he has been so improvident as to have such punny savings that he has not incurred £1 of interest in any of the those ten years?

It is one thing not including ISAs on your tax returns as their returns are not taxable but if Khan has been receiving interest from savings he should be declaring this. The idea that Kahn has no savings seems unlikely. Leaving off this source of income undermines his figures and he should provide a complete picture. It is no good slagging off Goldsmith for his income from other sources and then being coy about his own.

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Ealing MP hanging out with revolutionary socialists

With an active Momentum group in Ealing, one of 20 in London, you can see how Ealing MP Rupa Huq might feel the need to run with the revolutionary socialist types who are currently trying to take over the Labour party and stop it being in government until mid century at least.

On Saturday I was given this leaflet which I have marked up to show who Huq is speaking with, click to enlarge.

Keeping Huq company

Who is Huq speaking with?

With the rise of Momentum and the 7th tiniest majority in Parliament you can see how Huq has to keep the loony left onside so she gets reselected without scaring her voters who will most likely not be impressed with her open borders promoting revolutionary socialist chums.

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Ealing MP to speak at open borders meeting

Rally against racism

On Saturday I was given this leaflet on Ealing Broadway by a grey haired bloke with a pony tail – you know the look. Anti-racism is an impeccable cause but you can stand against racism without standing with a bunch of revolutionary socialists. These people have a much narrower agenda, in fact they spell it out on their facebook site:

Over the last 2 years Stand Up To Racism has played a pivotal role against police racism, organising solidarity for refugees and for the government to open the borders.

These people literally think that by prising open the UK’s borders that this will lead to a revolution in the UK and then on to a socialist utopia. They really do.

What on Earth is Rupa Huq doing speaking at this meeting? Last year she stood on Labour’s general election manifesto which offered “stronger borders” and the recruitment of an extra 1,000 borders staff (page 49 and 50 reproduced below).

Labour's manifesto on border controls

Is Huq going to go to the meeting and argue for stronger borders or has she changed her mind? Most likely she merely hopes to appease the Momentum crowd she will need to have onside to get reselected.

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