Ealing Southall By-election

Labour’s black Monday – one third of Southall’s Labour councillors defect

Ian Dale is reporting that 5 out of the 15 Labour councillors in Southall have defected to the Conservatives.

The Southall five

They are, in alphabetical order, Cllr Jagdish Gupta, Cllr Jarnail Singh Jandu, Cllr Maninder Kaur Keith, Cllr Gurcharan Singh and Cllr Manjit Singh. It looks as if Gurcharan Singh, who was at one time reckoned to be the leading male contender to be the Labour candidate in the Ealing Southall by-election, has managed to persuade his two colleagues in Lady Margaret ward and two in neighbouring Southall Broadway to go with him as he exited the party in high dudgeon.

This is their statement:

It has become increasingly obvious as this by-election campaign has progressed, that the Conservative candidate Tony Lit is the best person to represent Ealing Southall as our next MP. He’s energetic, dynamic and displays the kind of qualities that would make him ideally suited to represent the people of Ealing Southall. We wanted to provide him with our backing and joining the Conservative Party sends the clearest possible message.

Locally since Conservatives took control of Ealing Council in May 2006 we have noticed that they have been making great strides towards trying to improve the quality of life for all our residents. We’ve finally reached the stage where it has become blatantly obvious that we would be doing own voters a great disservice if we continue to dogmatically stick with a disorganised and divided Labour Party. Our goal is to see genuine improvements for our residents. We believe that the Conservative Party now provides our community with greater opportunities and is genuinely interested in improving services for all.

At a national level we are extremely impressed by David Cameron’s modern Conservatives and, with the changes that he has now made, we feel that the Conservative Party now best represents our views. In a sense we believe the
Conservatives have become our natural home and we are very excited about the opportunity to play a full part in a Party which we believe is destined to form the next government.

We are due to have a Conservative Group meeting tonight so it will no doubt be an interesting evening.

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This is great news for Labour. Not only is G Singh the most divisive, communalist politician in Southall, we also all know (including al you colleagues Phil) how “effective” this lot have been in the past year. Will Jason offer G Singh a place on the cabinet. Will there be by-elections in the wards concerned? Probably too early to tell but anyway good riddance to bad rubbish and god help you at your Group meeting tonight!!

Bob Roberts is exactly the kind of thing I expect to hear from Labour, they must be jumping for joy at this ‘defection’!

Leon, I agree that normally a defection is bad thing but if you knew Cllr Singh and his poisonous approach to politics then you would agree with me.

Bob Roberts’ comments might carry more weight if Labour had complained about Cllr G Singh’s views before he spurned that party. Clearly the supposed views of Cllr G Singh were not much of an issue until damage limitation was the order of the day.

I hope the local group will welcome their new Conservative colleagues and get them wearing blue ties as soon as possible 🙂

This trully discredits the whole concept of party politics. Mind you we’ve seen it all before. Tony Blair clearly cared more about gaining power than being a member of the Labour Party. He turned it into another conservative party so that he could come to power in 1997. What happened then and what has just happened in Southall broadcasts awful messages to young people ie DON’T grow up developing a set of beliefs as to how society should be run and DO chop and change your beliefs whenever it’s politically convenient.

Ealing needs more Conservative Councillors (even second hand ones) like a hole in the head.

Apart from the lack of genuine diversity in Labours selection process it speaks volumes for the improved management and delivery of service to residents by the new council.
(Ealing Southall consists of Dormers Wells, Elthorne, Northfield, Norwood Green, Southall Broadway, Southall Green & Walpole wards which includes a good part of Hanwell and most of West Ealing).

I hear Cllr Noori has also gone – a day after the others – missing out on the photoshoot with DC – just about shows her level of competence. Has, GS been given a job Phil?

Tony Sharp raised an important point here. G Singh has been a long standing LP member – 30 years I believe, yet its only now that people like Leon and Bob Roberts choose to discredit him – of course, with no sound basis. How about some examples of the ‘poisonous’ approach? Would this poisonous approach include the following credits he has to his name:

* Chair of Housing;
* Chair of Planning;
* Chair of Recycling and Waste;
* Cabinet member of Environment;
* Deputy Leader of the Council; and
* Mayor of Ealing raising more than £35k for charity.

I think the Labour party should be saddenned by this. I, as a LP member (soon to be ex-member) certainly am.

Dear Daljit

You seem to have cribbed this straight of the new Gurcharan Singh website (which until a few hours ago was eulogising over the new PM + Tony Blair).

Please tell us if your friends will have the courage to resign as cllrs and stand in by-election (assuming Cllrs Gupta & Noori could ever win a selection!!). Maybe it could be held on the same day as the Norwood Green by-election which will be held once Cllr Sharma is elected to Westminster next week.

Well spotted Bob but no points for that one I’m afraid!

Maybe you should pose that same question to ‘my friends’ (?!?!)… lol

I just came here to make a point which is that in my and many other people’s view, G Singh has done allot for the locals in Southall and its a shame the way the LP has turned on him sooo drastically with knives at the ready…

You still haven’t provide any examples to back up your ‘poisonous’ comment?!

If your going to make an accusation, you shouldn’t stop half way…


You asked if GS would be given a job. I don’t think so for no reason other than these are set for the year and won’t be looked at again until next May.

Although you claim not to be a Labour activist it is clear from your postings that you are one of the last Labour voters in Northfield. Are you the same Bob Roberts who writes for the Mirror?


…the problem is, Daljit, that my lawyers are not as good as Manjit Singh’s..

lol Bob… what a crappy attempt at backtracking…

I have no idea what you mean about Manjit Singh (another accusation perhaps?) but if you want to be taken seriously, you shouldn’t rely on hearsay and unsubstantiated remarks when trying to make a point.

Thanks for the job update – i’m sure you can tell from the quality of my prose that I am not a journalist (but then again do you need to be able to write if you work on the mirror!!!).

But even Sonika Nirwal the Labour Group leader wants the ‘Old Guard’ out including Mr Sharma as she said in the Ealing Times. The Indian Workers Association have destroyed the Southall Labour party with their factional politics based on Indian Communist parties.

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