Ealing MP hanging out with revolutionary socialists

With an active Momentum group in Ealing, one of 20 in London, you can see how Ealing MP Rupa Huq might feel the need to run with the revolutionary socialist types who are currently trying to take over the Labour party and stop it being in government until mid century at least.

On Saturday I was given this leaflet which I have marked up to show who Huq is speaking with, click to enlarge.

Keeping Huq company

Who is Huq speaking with?

With the rise of Momentum and the 7th tiniest majority in Parliament you can see how Huq has to keep the loony left onside so she gets reselected without scaring her voters who will most likely not be impressed with her open borders promoting revolutionary socialist chums.

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Ealing MP to speak at open borders meeting

Rally against racism

On Saturday I was given this leaflet on Ealing Broadway by a grey haired bloke with a pony tail – you know the look. Anti-racism is an impeccable cause but you can stand against racism without standing with a bunch of revolutionary socialists. These people have a much narrower agenda, in fact they spell it out on their facebook site:

Over the last 2 years Stand Up To Racism has played a pivotal role against police racism, organising solidarity for refugees and for the government to open the borders.

These people literally think that by prising open the UK’s borders that this will lead to a revolution in the UK and then on to a socialist utopia. They really do.

What on Earth is Rupa Huq doing speaking at this meeting? Last year she stood on Labour’s general election manifesto which offered “stronger borders” and the recruitment of an extra 1,000 borders staff (page 49 and 50 reproduced below).

Labour's manifesto on border controls

Is Huq going to go to the meeting and argue for stronger borders or has she changed her mind? Most likely she merely hopes to appease the Momentum crowd she will need to have onside to get reselected.

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You can draw a straight line from Labour’s John McDonnell to Ealing looter Syed Bokhari

Seba ElectronicsToday the Daily Mail identified Calais Jungle activist Syed Bokhari as being one of the thugs that looted the Seba Electronics store on the Uxbridge Road in West Ealing during the riots in 2011.

Bokhari’s leftwing activist history in Ealing goes back to 2010 when he appeared as a spokesman for Right to Work Campaign at an Ealing public meeting hosted by the Anti Academies Alliance at Acton High School.

ealing public meeting

It was all a bit incestuous as the Anti Academies Alliance was essentially a Socialist Workers Party front organisation and so was the Right to Work Campaign. You all know Bob Crow and Eve Turner is another SWP connected leftist.

God only knows what Ealing councillor Daniel Crawford was doing there. Dan is more of a centrist Labour man. Blairite even. He was probably just being a bit naive as a new councillor finding his feet.

Anyway Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell chaired the now defunct Right to Work Campaign which was founded in 2010 according to the Guardian. McDonnell encourages people to break the law so the looting was just what the boss wanted.

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Stop and Shop plans abandoned? No, just deferred

It seems to me more like Labour’s man in charge of parking, Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, has made a tactical retreat rather than abandoning his plans to make Stop and Shop parking in the borough complicated and expensive. Ealingtoday.co.uk used the words “abandon” and “scrapped” in their piece today but if you read down to the bottom you will see that Mahfouz is waffling on about a review and that “Findings from the review will start to be implemented towards the end of the year.”

If I was a local trader I would keep that petition going.

Of course, like most things, it is about money. It was decided at an Ealing Council Cabinet on 24th November 2015 that the council would raise an extra £75K by making life more awkward for shoppers (go to Item 7, Appendix 1, line P03). Click image below to enlarge.

Parking proposals

It is hard for the layman to work out that when the council says:

Introduction of free new parking permits giving residents 30 minutes to ‘park and shop’ in dedicated bays in high street locations, supporting local businesses

that this means we are going to charge you more. It is this kind of murky crap that gives councils a bad name.

I suspect “saving” £140K (ie charging £140K more) for suspensions and dispensations is going to cause even more eye watering increases for a smaller group of people.

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Labour activist tries to cover up Southall MP’s Cape Town jolly

Ian Kingston letter to Gazette 8-1-2016

I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this misleading letter in the Gazette today. I guess someone in the Ealing Labour party saw my blog piece on Sharma’s recent trip to Cape Town and got one of their little helpers to drop a letter to the Gazette.

Ian KingstonThe writer, a local Labour activist called Ian Kingston, has not told Gazette readers the complete story of Southall MP Virendra Sharma’s absence from the Syria vote in Parliament on 2nd December.

When Kingston says that Sharma was “abroad” he means Sharma was in Cape Town, South Africa attending a Global TB Summit that ended on 30th November.

Parliament was sitting at the time of the Syria vote on December 2nd so you might have thought that Sharma would have planned to be back in the UK as soon as possible to do the job he is paid to do. The comparison with Conservative MP Nick Herbert who was Co-Chair of the event in Cape Town but managed to get back for the vote does not show Sharma in a good light.

Obviously Cape Town is a lovely place and it must have been tempting to add a few days on to his trip. Of course it would have cost a lot of money to change his flight to get back in time, money that Sharma was not prepared to spend out of his own pocket clearly. The reason Sharma didn’t turn up for the Syria vote is because he planned a sneaky holiday when he should have been working. The Syria vote caught him out otherwise no-one would have noticed. Shame on Ian Kingston and Ealing Labour for trying to hide the facts.

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Shameless Khan was putting fares up higher when he was a minister

Shameless Labour mayoral candidate has got Labour party members hassling commuters this morning with this leaflet.

Labour fare rise leaflet

They are complaining about fare rises that increased by RPI+1 from 2004 to 2013, a Labour policy to shift the burden of paying for rail fares from the state to passengers that continued for three years under the Coalition. In the last three years the rises have only been RPI so much lower than they were under Labour.

Of course Sadiq Khan was a Labour transport minister in 2009 and 2010 when Labour were asking more from commuters than the Conservatives are now. The guy is totally shameless.

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The leftwing extremists who dominate Ealing’s union scene

Tonight Acton Labour councillor Mik Sabiers seemed pleased that the council had passed a motion decrying the government’s trade union bill and seeking “to continue its own locally agreed industrial relations strategy and good relations with our workforce and their representatives”.

Although Sabiers himself claims to not have anything to do with the Socialist Workers Party the union activists in Ealing he aligns himself with certainly do.

Stefan SimmsI have written about the SWP cell that runs Ealing NUT before. The current incumbent is Stefan Simms who made his name complaining about military recruitment: TES, Daily Mail. He said:

I would be gutted after years of putting time and professional effort into the students I teach, helping their education and preparing them for adult life, to find out that some have said ‘I decided to join the Army’.

Of course as a fulltime officer of the NUT on facility time Simms does precious little teaching nowadays.

New and Turner

The Ealing Trades Union Council (ETUC) is run by a double act.

Oliver New (right, holding megaphone), President of ETUC, helped to organise the spitting mob that attended the Conservative Party conference this year. He is also active in Left Unity, which fielded candidates against Labour at the last election. He is their trade union officer. His election manifesto said (among other things):

Last year UK workers had twice as many days on strike as the year before.

Although most union members and workers are understandably desperate to see the defeat of the current Government, we need to continue to highlight the relationship between Labour and big business, the consequent incapability of Labour to support workers’ struggles and the need to build a left alternative.

I come from South Wales and now live in Southall, West London, where I have been at the heart of many community campaigns. I’m proud to chair Ealing Trades Council, with its history of militant community organising.

After being blacklisted in engineering I became a Tube Driver and RMT activist. I’ve helped organise many disputes and strikes on London Underground as well as supporting the self organisation and struggles of cleaners and other contracted workers. I have been a Rep and both Chair and Secretary of the RMT London Transport Region and a member of the national RMT Executive.

The secretary of Ealing Trades Union Council is Eve Turner (left, speaking into microphone). She has stood as a member of the Left Unity national council. Her election address stated:

I am really excited to be part of Left Unity and want to do everything I can to help to build it as a political alternative to Labour, which has consistently betrayed the working class, the poor and the oppressed.

I am not a member of any other parties or any tendency but have been in other left groups in the past. I even had the dubious pleasure of being Chair of our local Constituency Labour Party for a number of years and was involved in elections both for Labour and for socialist and community campaigns.

I am currently Secretary of Ealing Trades Council which we have established as a militant community campaigning organisation and I’m convenor of our local Save our NHS campaign fighting to save our local hospitals from being trashed.

I live in Southall. I am Membership Secretary of West London Left Unity and was recently elected to represent my branch on the London Regional Committee.

Back in 2001 both New and Turner were part of the Socialist Alliance, essentially a SWP project that predated their attempt to use the Respect Party as a tool to further their agenda.

Anyway, these are some of the unionists that the Ealing Labour party think they need to keep onside.

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Was Sharma totally honest about Cape Town trip?

I did a piece on Southall MP Virendra Sharma’s trip to Cape Town yesterday. I got it wrong. I assumed that he had attended the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health which ran from 2nd to 6th December last week. The Syria vote was on 2nd December and Sharma had told his constituents in an email that he couldn’t attened due to being in South Africa.

I have now been sent a copy of Sharma’s email. He says:

The date of the debate has only just been set, and it is agreed for the 2nd December. For many months I have been booked to travel to South Africa from the 28th November to the 3rd December to attend the ‘Global TB Summit’ in Cape Town. At this meeting I will be part of an international group of nearly 60 countries working to combat Global TB a disease which affects millions of the most vulnerable. I am unable to renege on my commitment to the ‘Global TB Caucus’ to attend this event, and indeed it would be impossible for me to return to the UK to vote without serious financial cost to the charity.

Nick Hebert in SA

It seems that Sharma was in fact at an event for politicians called the Global TB Summit. Fair enough. Only that event was due to run from 28th to 30th November. In other words it ended on Monday and it would have been straightforward to get back to vote on Wednesday if he had wanted to – there are frequent overnight flights from SA to London. In fact the chairman of the Global TB Summit event was Conservative MP Nick Herbert who managed to get back and vote. Whilst Herbert makes frequent refernces to his TB work and South Africa trip on Twitter, Sharma says nothing.

So was Sharma working or simply not prepared to give up a planned post conference minibreak in Cape Town whilst Parliament was sitting? Is he back yet? Will he tell us?

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What was Southall MP Sharma doing in Cape Town last week?

Greg-Lumley Cape Town

Last week when Southall MP Virendra Sharma was being paid to turn up and vote in our Parliament he was off on a jolly in Cape Town.

I say jolly because I cannot imagine how he was doing anything useful at the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health. The conference involved a “five-day scientific programme” from 2nd to 6th December. I know that Sharma does have an interest in TB which affects his constituency more than most but does he really need to be at a scientific conference that just happens to be in Cape Town? Was there a political/governmental stream to the conference? MPs are often very bright and hardworking but are scientific conferences the place where they are most effective? Especially when Parliament is sitting – it is not as if there are not enough recesses (holidays to you and I).

He had to admit to being absent to Ealing Today as the Syria vote was so high profile but would he have talked about it otherwise? He uses Twitter, facebook (not updated since March 30th) and his own website (latest story 9th November) but all three fail to explain what important work he was doing in Cape Town that caused him to be absent from his day job. Maybe he will explain himself? Don’t hold your breath waiting for accountability from this man.

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UN foundation myth

I thought that Hilary Benn’s speech tonight was bang on. But, on one small detail he was wrong.

Too often Labour types try to lay claim to every positive element of the post war settlement. I have written on this before. In particular Benn said:

It was a Labour government that helped to found the UN at the end of the 2nd World War.

It was not.

The Charter of the United Nations was signed at the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center in San Francisco, on 26 June 1945. The election that ushered in a Labour government took place on 5 July 1945. A facsimile of the charter is here.

You might reasionably suggest that the signing of the UN Charter was an achievement of the wartime coalition government. It might be churlish of me to point out that the coalition was dissolved on the 23rd May and the UN Charter was signed by a caretaker Conservative administration.

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