Sent: 10 August 2006 10:11
Subject: MPS Publicity

Dear Mr Taylor,

I have been asked to respond on behalf of the Commissioner to your e-mail dated 25 July 2006.

I can  confirm that the MPS are not subject to Section 5 of the Local Government Act 1986, but the MPA are. The MPA provide details in their annual accounts which will be available via their website However I have provided a summary statement highlighting publicity costs below.

All our publicity and communication campaigns support our operational priorities and seek to build support for and an understanding of the MPS, by explaining and promoting our plans, activities and achievements.

In doing so, we aim to:-

Such an approach will improve relationships with Londoners, stakeholders and opinion formers, making them aware of our values, helping them to understand our strengths and limitations and acknowledge their active partnership in Working together for a safer London.

Our communication  activities do not exist in isolation. They are planned within a framework geared to reinforcing our corporate priorities and  key corporate messages in a co-ordinated and sustained way.

The objectives are to ensure that:

The Londoner newspaper

For the year 2005 - 2006 we contributed 250 k to The Londoner newspaper under a service level agreement which provides us with guaranteed space in the publication. The newspaper has a wide distribution across London and the evaluation and feedback indicates that it is well read and well received making it an effective and efficient way of communicating with Londoners.

MPS. DPA. Publicity campaign budgets financial year 2005/2006  
Campaign title  timing  Total cost of each campaign    
Trident         July 05   360,000      
Knife Crime     Nov/Dec 05        130,000      
Domestic Violence       Dec 05    345,000      
Counter- Terrorism      Jan 06    520,000      
Safer Neighbourhoods    Feb/Mar 06        485,000      
The Londoner    annual    250,000      
 Total           2,090,000     


Yours faithfully
Des Stout
Assistant Director Department of Public Affairs

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