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Questions: Missed collections up nine times in April

When people phone or e-mail with a missed rubbish or recycling collection the council’s customer services people make a record. At the extraordinary council meeting to discuss Labour’s rubbish fiasco I asked about how many missed collections there were in April of this year under the new cleaning contract compared to last April.

Question 15:

How many missed collections were reported to the council in the month of April? How many were reported in April 2011?

Answer 15:

April 2012
8094 missed collection reports for domestic refuse and recycling.
April 2011
900 missed collection reports for domestic refuse and recycling.

I thought that the 900 number last year was too high. This year it has risen by a factor of 9. Totally shocking. To have over 8,000 people get in touch with the council over such a basic service is truly shocking. The council has been playing down the extent of the council’s rubbish fiasco.

One reply on “Questions: Missed collections up nine times in April”

This whole situation is farcical – where was the robust contract management promised at the outset of the contract changeover to ensure no loss of service?

There is much more to this issue than a) the contractor being incompetent, and b) the portfolio holder (considered) being incompetent.

Residents want the truth – the situation is not acceptable and should not be brushed under the carpet.

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