Ealing and Northfield Mayor Johnson

Like father, like son

Amiri Howe, the gobby bloke with comedy glasses who was haranguing the London Mayor today turns out to be Darcus Howe’s son, see more of the family history here. The Ealing and Acton Gazette lapped it up fast enough here and no doubt Howe fils will be all over the London news bulletins.

It costs young people £30,000 to go to university now. Did you pay to go to university Boris? Did you go to university? It’s £30,000 to send a youth to prison. D’you pay to go uni? You’ve got money to send youths to prison, but you ain’t got money to send youths to university.

The media loves a character. Shame he is talking moral equivalencing rubbish. The rioters are criminal thugs. The government is attempting to balance the books and is doing the right thing.

Father and son need to explain why it is only one small group who feel the need to destroy. Rather than making Black Power salutes Howe fils needs to explain why Afro-Caribbean youngsters have been in the vanguard of the looting, arson and vicious assaults we have seen across London in the last week. Failing that a bit of silence from these two would be appreciated, by me anyway.

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Yes, Mr Taylor I am sure would would appreciate that ‘These two’ as you have stated would silence themselves. You are not ‘Black’ and therefore can never empathize nor understand the life that a Black person endures, the majority of the time. We as individuals have a right to air our views. Furthermore if individuals feel that there are many evident injustices which need to be disputed, then so be it, whether you like it or not. No one is encouraging criminality but fairness and equality of opportunity, is what many black people strive for on a daily basis.


Well the Darcus Howe silence on the actual looting in 2011 being carried out by the AfroCaribbean/Black British communities Phil Taylor mentions has continued to 2014. His column in the Voice has stopped without a word of comment by the editors,his last tweet seems to be around September 2011,his last article for the Voice was November 2011,any Google search yields nothing recent comment or article wise–not even about the recent verdict of unlawful killing re Mark Duggan the supposed `cause` of the disgraceful behaviour in August 2011.

Darcus Howe`s problem has always been,yes,fine we need to discuss institutionalised racism in the police,meida,politics,but we need to do it as strong argument,not `we are black,therefore we are right` type attitudes. Another problem is the structure of Black British communites–sorry,you can not have a ridiculous rate of child abandonment,including Howe himself who never actually lived with his son Amiri among other children,and at the same time ask people outside the community to take responsibility for `disaffected black youths` when the community are quiote simply not doing it themselves!
I was born in Jamaica and raised in the UK from six months–and ask–Darcus Howe–any comments on the looting?


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