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Who is Nick Grant?

Nick Grant’s name appeared in three Gazette articles this week.

In an article titled: “School’s academy plan gets frosty reception” we have:

Nick Grant, secretary for Ealing NUT, said: “We fully support the community’s campaign lead against Featherstone High School becoming an academy. Our fears are over the loss of democratic accountability at the school should the status be approved. We hope that the governors will recognise the heartfelt views of the political leaders who spoke at the meeting.”

In an article titled: “Ealing teachers in bid to strike over pensions” we have:

Nick Grant, of Ealing NUT said: “Unless the government makes an immediate and fundamental reversal of its plans to make us pay more and work longer to get less pension in retirement, strike action will start with one day’s stoppage on June 30.”

In the print version, under the heading “’Community is key’ for libraries, council asserts in wake of defeat there is another quote:

Nick Grant, of Ealing Alliance for Public Services, said: “Ealing deserves high-quality, paid, professionals in its libraries, as much as in other services.”

Clearly Grant gets around. Grant calls himself a Marxist and is a member of the Socialist Workers Party. In his own words on his facebook page:

Current NUT National Executive member.
active on its Education and Membership committees.

Secretary of Ealing NUT
Ealing NUT Health and Safety advisor.
Staff representative on Ealing LA Schools Forum.

National steering group member of UNITE Against Fascism, and the Right To Work Campaign.

Local organiser for the Stop the War Coalition.
Member of the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group.

Co-founder of the Anti Academies Alliance.

Regular union and public speaker on a wide range of issues and author of various articles on education policy.

A supporter of everyone fighting for global social justice and solidarity such as:

The NUT London Young Teachers’ ‘We Want To Stay’ campaign

All workers struggling to overcome Thatcher’s anti-union laws – which the Labout government has left intact since 1997!

I think that this piece was written before he became the convenor of the Ealing Alliance for Public Services.

Grant is clearly a very busy man. It is not clear to me though that he does any actual teaching. I would be interested to hear from him if he does teach and when he last taught. I also don’t know how he supports himself. Is he paid in any of his many roles? Is he on the council’s payroll? Could it be that he is paid out of the council’s trade unions facilities budget for teachers of £138,500? We should be told.

Note: The total budget for paid union facility time, or Pilgrims, in Ealing is £250K. This is due to go down to £200K next year, a 20% cut. Meanwhile frontline services such as envirocrime officers and rangers have been halved this year.

8 replies on “Who is Nick Grant?”

I was told that Enviromental health officers have been cut by 50%. Is that something to do with envirocrime or something different?


I guess it may have something to do with that Nazi-loving clown you had fronting your TPA comrades’ attack on trade unions.

Poor choice of alliances I guess, like Liam Fox, Andy Coulson, Ms Hawley, David Laws(sic), ad infinitum


Would this be the same Nick Grant who has been abusing children’s author Michael Rosen over his (Rosen’s) protests that a teenage member of his (Grant’s) Socialist Worker’s Party says she was raped and abused by a ‘leader’ of said party (in his late 40’s), and the “Party” told her she was lying (and expelled members for sticking up for her).

What a charmer he is.


Thanks for that. Nick Grant confirms that he is a “SWP national committee member”. So he is an officer of an organisation that chose to discipline its leader internally, and exonerate him, rather than report sex abuse allegations to the police.


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