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How to waste £30K

I am being generous and suggesting that Cllr Bassam Mahfouz’s Recycling Rewards scheme only wasted its £30K communications budget. The £80K given in incentives to the winning wards will be reasonably well spent I am sure but I don’t see this scheme being repeated. Maybe we should praise the Labour administration for trying something new. Whilst the £80K will not be entirely wasted it might have been better spent on directly tackling participation in recycling in the weakest wards in the borough. The number are in the cabinet report here.

The council has spent £30K advertising this scheme and seen the average participation rate across the borough drop slightly from 58.37% to 58.30%. I am sure that that the margin for error is much bigger than this so we should probably just agree that the £30K has been spent to no effect.

If you look at the council’s table there are some shocking disparities across the borough. Southall Green ward participates at fully half the rate of Hobbayne. And don’t let anyone tell you that Hobbayne is some chichi middle class area which you might expect to do well.

The nine lowest performing wards, which all fail to get over the 55% mark, are strong Labour areas. Southall Green is noticeably weaker than anywhere else. I would rather that the £110K had been allocated to a small team going door-to-door around Southall Green to try to change behaviour there.

Labour would rather puff themselves up with comms spending than actually engage with their own communities. Cllr Mahfouz’s reputation for dissimulation is underlined by his quote in the press release:

This competition has shown that it is possible to improve recycling rates and a special mention must go to South Acton, which improved by such a staggering amount.

Black is white. Both Cllrs Bell and Mahfouz believe in Lenin’s dictum “A lie told often enough becomes truth”. Mahfouz lauds South Acton increasing by 6.1% whilst failing to mention that Dormers Wells dropped 6.2% and that 9 out of 23 wards went backwards and 7 stood still (less than 1% change) and only 7 showed progress.

3 replies on “How to waste £30K”

I have come up with a few thoughts on how to waste £30K in the present Labour anmistration. These include:

*Spend £30K of Ealing Council staff time and resources preparing and putting in a bid to downgrade and regress Walpole Park and Walpole House (lets forget the “Pitzhanger” bling label) to a pre-park-like state and said bid fails.

*Spend £30K of Southall MP’s time and time of his researcher and staff time at Ealing Council organising troupes of dancing girls for royal wedding festival in Southall.

*Spend £30K of staff time and resources holding a consulation on the closure of libraries in Ealing when the enormous overwhelming answer of 3,000 people is a forgone conclusion: “no” to the closure.

*Spend £30K of staff time and resources planning and organising an unnecessary car park in Southall.

I could go on, but that would be very petty!


Yay…Hobayne rocks! All we need now is a decent pub 😉

I think you’re right, the 30K would have been better spent talking to the good folk of Southall door to door. Shocking really that over 60% of households can’t be bothered sticking a few newspapers and bottles in a green plastic box. It’s not exactly difficult.


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