Northfield Ward Forum

Northfield Ward Forum

Last night we had our ward forum. You can see the agenda here and the notes of the meeting will appear in the same place shortly. I was quieter than usual and whilst not horribly jet-lagged from my flight home the night before I was quite happy to leave my ward colleague David Millican to make the running as chairman of the meeting. It was great that just over 50 residents came out to take part. These meetings are really useful for us councillors as they allow us to keep in close touch with what people are thinking and really understand the issues. So, thanks! Thanks for coming.

I do hope that no-one missed the meeting because of the venue change – the caretaker at Mount Carmel RC Primary School failed to turn up to let us in as agreed. Luckily Helen Johnson from the Log Cabin provided a plan B and everyone trooped around the corner. Mark Reen waited outside the school to let people know until at least 7.45pm. The other problem we had was the distribution company missing out five roads in the ward and only delivering the notice of the meeting at the last minute. I am afraid that both the school and the distribution company are going to get well roasted by our ward co-ordinator Tan Afzal today. Sorry if either of these problems got in the way of your attending.

Our SNT sergeant, Greg Fox, reported that crime in the ward has been up since the summer driven by domestic violence. For details of how to contact Sgt Fox and his team follow the Northfield SNT link on the right. Follow the Ealing crime figures link on the right to explore those more.

We spent some time talking about whether the ward or the Heritage Quarter should seek some kind of designation under the planning rules with one of the planning officers from the council, Rosemarie Wakelin. We are all proud of our neighbourhood but most of the area is simply too diverse to think of making into a conservation area. There may be a case for locally listing some buildings or groups of buildings or for employing the new designation of Local Area of Special Character. If you would like to contribute ideas please e-mail her at

4 replies on “Northfield Ward Forum”

How are these notices for the meetings distributed? Through doors? I’ve lived on Northfield Avenue for 5 years (in Walpole ward) and I’ve never had a single notification about any ward forum.



I don’t really like publishing anonymous comments on my blog and rarely do it. I have published yours.

It would be more useful if you told me your address so that we could sort the problem. Please e-mail me: philATphiltaylorDOTorgDOTuk

The ward forums have only been going for a couple of years so you wouldn’t have seen notices before then. I am sorry if you have not had notices. Is yours a communal postbox? Does it get de-junked by someone else who does not value these notices and hence does not give them to you?

Obviously distributing notices through letter boxes is not fool proof. It is merely a way of trying to get the most people to take part for the least cost.

We can fix it if you let us.


With firms now using automated software to trawl the web looking to filter out opinionated and/or insensible people from potential recruitment, it’s more pertinent than ever to take advantage of the anonymity the internet can superficially provide if one wants to keep a neutral image. So I prefer not to use my real name for a relatively minor issue such as this. Feel free not to publish this, it’s your blog and your prerogative.

Regarding your questions above, none of those scenarios apply. My post box is entirely private and only I live in this flat (which is above the row of shops opposite Maxims restaurant). Access is via an alleyway behind the shops. I suspect this puts off all but those whose job it is to go back there regularly, such as the actual postperson, and representatives of utilities companies wanting to read meters. This has its advantages: never anyone trying to sell me religion or carpets. But then neither have I in five years ever had an election candidate of any description come canvassing.



It sounds like you don’t get any junk mail either.

Our distributor is never going to find you.

From your description you are in Walpole Ward. If you want to get stuff from your councillors I suggest that you drop them a line to let them know where you are hiding.


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