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A trained economist

Ealing Council Leader Julian Bell is often ridiculed by the Conservative group on the council because he once claimed to be a trained economist.

For myself I am not a trained economist, unless you count a grade C O-level taken in the seventies. I can read though and I have a good memory and figures don’t scare me so it is very easy for me to take apart someone who really does not know what they are talking about.

Yes, you Cllr Bell.

This week the Ealing and Acton Gazette published piece from Cllr Bell which underlines how far from any connection with economic reality Cllr Bell is. The piece is a defence of the Labour cabinet’s decision to turf the IMPACT Theatre Company out of their current premises. Cllr Bell uses the “big picture” to justify this move and in doing so comprehensively demonstrates that he doesn’t get it. The next few postings look at some of his statements in detail.

4 replies on “A trained economist”

Hello Phil,
All this stuff about trained and untrained economist is all way over my head. What I want to know is why the main road in south Ealing has been half blocked with gas board roadworks for several days without even a temporary traffic light there?
It would be good if you and Mr Bell could stop arguing about economics and do something about what is going on in Ealing.



I have driven past the hole that you mention over this weekend. It did not seem like a big deal to me. If there is a problem can you spell out what the problem is? As with most things a call to 020 8825 6000 will get it into the system.


Hello Phil (again),
When it gets busy it gets very dangerous. The hole takes up half of the road which means that cars and more especially buses and trucks cannot go in both directions at once. It has been quiet this weekend as it is a bank holiday, before that it was very difficult to drive down the road. Tomorrow morning it will probably be very difficult, and not safe. Are we talking about the same gas hole? Next to Pearce’s butchers?


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