Ealing and Northfield

Taxing jobs II

A couple of weeks ago the Telegraph published a letter from me on the jobs tax – yet more increases in Employer’s NI proposed by the Labour government and opposed by the Conservatives.

Yesterday at full council Cllr Joanna Dabrowska asked the council leader Jason Stacey what the cost of Gordon Brown’s jobs tax would be to Ealing Council. The answer was £1.14 million per annum. When asked to put this in some context Cllr Stacey pointed out that this sum would add 1% to council bills. Alternatively, the council could cut the 50 new street cleaners we have added to the workforce since we came into power, or cut the 50 new PCSOs we recruited or get rid of 32 social workers. Another approach would be to cut every day centre in the borough plus a couple of libraries.

The opposition leader Julian Bell blithely asserted that he could cap the council tax for another year and protect services and swallow the loss of £1.14 million. Thank heavens he is not running the council.