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Fisking Labour’s cartoon

In the sweet FFFA the skyline will be dominated by mobile phone masts.

Apparently in Labour’s sweet FFFA it is so dangerous on the streets that policemen don’t just go around in pairs, they steam the streets in packs of eight on bicycles.

2 replies on “Fisking Labour’s cartoon”

That’s the WiFi logo, not mobile phone masts. And are you AGAINST putting more bobbies on the beat?!


Do you want to let on where you come from? Labour activist? Labour apologist?

Since when were WiFi base station mounted on large masts? I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

I am for better policing. As a citizen who has to walk the streets of London on my own I am for coppers doing the same. Next time you meet two coppers walking down the street chatting to each other point out to them that they might walk down opposite pavements – two sets of eyes scanning rather than two people ignoring the world while they chat.

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