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Slaughter doesn’t like it up him

For all of those of a certain age you will remember the catch phrase of Dad’s Army’s Corporal Jones: “They don’t like it up ’em!”.

Andrew Slaughter, who will represent a bit of our borough until the last possible minute, is complaining today about his opponent in Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush, the excellent Shaun Bailey. According the the Times today the Bailey campaign has outspent him. No doubt when Slaughter voted for the Communications Allowance he thought he was voting to keep his job forever with a £10K a year incumbents self-promotion allowance paid for by taxpayers. At least the cash the Tories are spending is their own money.

We know Slaughter is a bit of a chicken because he didn’t go for the Central Ealing and Acton consituency and has instead left the boy Mahfouz to stand against the redoutable Angie Bray. Angie will make a great MP, and eat Mahfouz for breakfast as she would have done Slaughter.

Meanwhile Slaghter got himself selected to fight the Hammermsith and Shepherds Bush seat to the east. I have seen Bailey in action a couple of times – he is very impressive. A straight talking, local lad made good who has practical ideas and bags of experience of the social issues of that part of London. He is backed by the incredibly enthusiastic Hammersmith Tories. Slaughter is right to be frightened but it is not the money that will unseat Slaughter, it is 13 years of poor Labour government and a much better alternative locally as well as nationally.

Here is Bailey’s video which is the source of one of Slaughter’s complaints. Slaughter could do the same and distribute it virally for next to nothing – the trouble is that Slaughter just would not have come across as well as Bailey does. Bye, bye Andy!

2 replies on “Slaughter doesn’t like it up him”

How is Andy a coward for standing in Hammersmith?

Andy was elected a Hammersmith and Fulham Councillor in 1986.
He lead Hammersmith and Fulham Council from 1996 to 2005.
He lives in the Hammersmith and Fulham side of the Ealing Acton and Shepherds Bush constituency.

When they redrew the boundaries of course he was going to run in Hammersmith and not in Ealing which in 2005 he had nothing to do with over his 20 year political career.

Andy Slaughter is now coward and you either you’ve not done your homework our you’re being deliberately misleading.

Could be either with the Tories.



I think you mean “Andy Slaughter is no coward …” and in all seriousness I agree with you. You may have lost sight of your sense of humour James. I’m sure Andy can take a bit of banter.

When I was on LBC radio with Andy recently he called the Hammersmith Tories “mad as geese”. The geese will have the last laugh, believe me. As you yourself point out James, he has a great past in front of him.


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