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Today the Mayor went back to Bounces Road Community Hall in Edmonton where he did the big launch event of his campaign with David Cameron back in April. I was there last time, today I have been nursing a cold. The choice of venue in April highlighted the fact that four of the eleven kids murdered in London in the first three months of the year came from Edmonton. Boris was back to launch his Time for Action initiative to tackle youth crime.

Since April 16 more teenagers have been murdered in London. This is certainly the worst tally for many years.

The graphic above is taken from the Time for Action document which is well worth a read. The style of writing is refreshingly direct and jargon free and the ideas contained in it are clear and attractive. Clearly the Mayor, along with Kit Malthouse, is doing some serious long-term thinking.

Don’t think that this is someone else’s problem. The last teenager killed in London was Acton man Craig Marshall who was only buried last Thursday and only today the trial of five men accused of killing the fourth London teen murder victim, Fuad Buraleh, was started at the Old Bailey. Fuad was murdered in Dean Gardens, West Ealing on 28th January.

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Hi Phil – I like your interesting post. Whilst the Mayor’s plans clearly prioritise funding tackling youth violence, his commitments must go further to deal with the problem. He clearly understands the need to provide guidance and programmes to steer young people away from violence, gangs and knife crime, but there is simply not enough focus on this. Knife crime is cited as the tip of what the Mayor calls a “pyramid of violence”, but at Beatubullying we believe we need to see more real preventative work targeted at tackling the behaviours at the bottom of the pyramid.

At Beatbullying, we know that the anti-social behaviours at the bottom of the pyramid can escalate to more serious violent crime without suitable and sustained intervention. Instead of fire-fighting with the consequences once a young person has reached the tip of the pyramid, Beatbullying believes it is far more logical, and effective, to tackle the causes and problems that have led a young person to that position.

The Mayors vision of hope for the youth of London will only come to fruition with an integrated approach from parents, teachers and the third sector, all acknowledging the cold, hard facts of gateway behavior to work closely with the perpetrators to tackle bullying and youth violence head on helping to create a greater and safer capital.

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