National politics

Echoes of Boris?

I couldn’t stay in Birmingham for the leader’s speech this afternoon as I had to get back to London for work this morning.

I did though get the chance to watch the whole thing on BBC Parliament. It was a long speech but I was enthralled by it. I have not always been a total Cameroon but I loved the way he knitted the past with the future and managed to weave a fabric that encompassed so many issues.

One thing that struck me particularly were two items that are straight lifts from Boris’ London campaign. One was the reference to incivility and the other was the incidence of teen crime. I reproduce two snippets below:

But it’s not just the crime; not even the anti-social behaviour. It’s the angry, harsh culture of incivility that seems to be all around us. When in one generation we seem to have abandoned the habits of all human history that in a civilised society, adults have a proper role – a responsibility – to uphold rules and order in the public realm not just for their own children but for other people’s too.

Just consider the senseless, barbaric violence on our streets. Children killing children. Twenty-seven kids murdered on the streets of London this year.

They worked for Boris. I am sure they will work for Cameron too.