Customer Services

Mixed picture at Ealing’s Customer Services

I made another trip to Customer Services this morning to see how we are doing. It was the 1st of the month and it was a Monday, combine that with the fact that everyone has just got back from their holidays and you might expect the place to be busy – you would be right.

At first glance it looked like mayhem. There were 20-odd people waiting to get a ticket from the meeters and greeters. There were over 30 waiting for the cashiers. The Parking Services queue was 29 and the wait was almost 2 hours.

My own experience was good. I arrived at 11:37 and I only had to wait four minutes to talk to one of the meet and greet staff. They told me about the wait for Parking Services and at that point most people would give up and try another day.

I did a bit of further research on the cashiers’ queue. Most of the people were paying their Council Tax on a monthly basis with their paying in books. They do have lots of different paying in options so I am perhaps not too worried about this group. If they want to come in on the first of the month every month then it is up to them. There were three staff on and they worked through the queue pretty fast from what I could see.

The Parking Services queue was totally unaceptable. On making enquiries I found out that only 3 out of 5 of the Parking Services workstations were manned. I will be chasing this one up.

On the positive side the meeters and greeters and security staff all seemed to be good natured and handled themselves well on what must have been a stressful day.

Since I last wrote a piece on Customer Services the front door has been fixed and the littering problem has been solved. Since then the door seems to have broken again. There is still lots of sticky tape messing it up. More nagging required.

I would be very interested to hear your Ealing council customer service stories – good or bad.