Ealing and Northfield

Meet your councillor tonight

The Northfield councillors will be in the Plough pub at the south end of Northfield Avenue this evening from 7.30-9.30pm.

Some of you will only have attended our ward forum a few days ago so what’s this?

We are hoping to do a few of these in various corners of the ward over the next year or so. It is simply an opportunity to buttonhole your councillors in an informal setting.

Obviously we will not deal with any matters that should be discussed in private; our regular surgeries are the place where these should be brought up.

2 replies on “Meet your councillor tonight”

Hi Eric,

I am afraid we didn’t have any takers. We pushed around 500 leaflets through neighbouring letter boxes but maybe people had had enough of us at the recent ward forum.

Superficially it does seem like a good idea – that is why we tried it.

We will try again once or twice more. We pioneered the ward forums last year in Northfield and we are committed to finding ways of allowing people to get hold of their councillors.

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