In Birmingham

After a long week of work I am in Birmingham tonight for the Tory conference. I am afraid my time management skills didn’t allow me to get here in time for the opening sessions so all I have managed so far is to check into my hotel and get a curry and a beer. Birmingham has a real bustle to it. Tonight it was full of sleek, suited young people. It is not hard to work out the direction of travel. I have never been to a Tory conference before but I don’t suppose this one will be very typical.

Nicked from the BBCOn my way back to my hotel one of West Midlands Police’s finest was complaining as I passed about the building site type fencing around the conference centre.

The security was very apparent. Some £2 million worth according to the BBC.

I am afraid that the blog has been a bit lacklustre recently. A combination of a busy patch at work combined with a busy patch at the council. October sees the start of the star chamber process in which all areas of the council submit their business plans and budgets for scrutiny by the leader and chief executive. This week saw two of my areas of responsibility going through the process.

Hopefully I will manage some posts over the next three days.