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Check your gullies

We are going to get a lot of rain down today and tomorrow so it is a good time to check that the gullies in your road work. Gullies are the road drains that have thick metal grates. Gullies are a council responsibility, most other water things are down to Thames Water. Gullies get cleaned out annually on main roads and bi-annually on side roads. Occasionally a gully can get blocked and the only time anyone can spot it is when it rains.

On Sunday I noticed the gully outside my office window was blocked and that a small lake had formed in front of my house after a short downpour on Sunday afternoon. I e-mailed the council as instructed on the council’s gully cleaning webpage. I got an e-mail acknowledgement at the end of Monday with a job number. This lunchtime I noticed a truck from McNicholas doing the work. The guy doing the job was very cheerful and explained what he did. They are busy right now as we have had lots of leaves down early and rain.

Ideally the gullies should be cleaned out within three working days so I might complain that the guys were a day and a half late but I accept that this is their busy time. If a blocked gully is causing “disruptive flooding” they reckon to be there in an hour.