Northfield Ward Forum

Northfield leads with ward forums

The council announced today that Northfield is keeping ahead of the pack by holding the first official ward forum in the borough on 4th September.

Any and all Northfield residents are invited to the Northfield Ward Forum to be held on Thursday 4 September at 7:30 pm at the Log Cabin, 259 Northfield Avenue, W5 4UA. Entrance behind Northfield Library.

Whilst Northfield councillors have organised three informal ward forums over the past year the council has now formalised this for every ward. The new ward forums replace the old area committees. The purpose is to give residents more opportunities to participate in local democracy, interact with the council, influence services and help to improve their local areas.

Led by elected councillors, the new ward forums feature joint problem solving on local concerns, including round table discussions on issues such as community safety, traffic and transport schemes, parks and street improvements. Each ward will have the chance to influence an annual budget of £40,000 for local capital improvements for their neighbourhood.

We hope you can all come to this new-look Northfield Ward Forum.

Please note: The flyer that the council sent erroneously ave a staert time of 7pm. The start time is 7.30pm.

3 replies on “Northfield leads with ward forums”

2 questions:

Will the agenda be published in advance?

Will next week’s meeting cover importnat ward isues such as the lampost removal in Clitherow Avenue and the wish of the local authority to increase the sizes of Little Ealing & Fielding schools?


Nice to hear from you.

The old prototype ward forum worked very well. We invited residents’ associations, street watchers and other active people. We all knew each other and most of the sessions were people raising issues and the councillors trying to address them then and there or take them away.

We would like to keep the informality and don’t want it to get confrontational. The point is that we are all neighbours and trying to improve our area.

Especially with it being the first meeting we don’t want to manage everyone with a formal agenda. The meeting will attempt to get issues out of people and discuss the high priority/popular ones.

We can’t cover every issue that the council touches. The schools one for instance may be best left to public consultation processes run by the schools/council although councillors are always keen to understand how public sentiment is running.

The ward forum is not a replacement for surgeries. Any issues that relate to one person or property need to be raised in surgery or through direct contact with one of the councillors.

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