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Livingstone’s last gasp

Tonight the Standard’s Andrew Gilligan is reporting the sick making pay-offs received by 8 of the former mayor’s political appointees. Apparently the bill is £1.6 million or roughly £200K each. These guys were already on inflated salaries but they have held out for compensation for loss of office even though they knew from the start that they were political appointees whose jobs would end with the mayor’s.

The contrast with the new mayor’s appointments could not be starker. His First Deputy Mayor and Chief Executive of the GLA Group, Tim Parker, is on a nominal £1 per annum. His Senior Adviser, Planning, Sir Simon Milton, is unpaid. His Deputy Mayor, Policing, Kit Malthouse, scrapes by on his assembly member’s allowance, which is less than half of what the old mayor’s political appointees were on.

Some of Boris’ team are on the same kind of salaries as the last lot but I suspect that Boris himself will be first in the queue to slag his team if they try the same trick in 4 years or 8 years. Meanwhile Livingstone, whose contempt for those Londoners who pay the tab is well known, is silent about his own people.